Construction and sale of sailboat, powerboat, fishing boat

One-off projects

With its experience in building boats and thanks to its mastery of many materials, the shipyard Espace Vag is the perfect partner for your custom boat project.


Espace Vag has all the necessary means for the implementation of your boat building project.



Collaboration with naval architect Julien Marin


In addition to its long experience in mass or unit building, Espace Vag offers support for your project from design, in collaboration with naval architect Julien Marin, to realisation.




Renowned architect, designer of the Ikone, Ikone J and Ikone JS currently produced by Espace Vag, Julien Marin is also responsible for numerous projects for both racing and yachting sailboats as well as motor ships for fishing and passenger transport.


Realization example: the Kobe 36

On plans Julien Marin, Kobe 36 is a 11m yacht double keel/double rudder, plywood/Epoxy type. Its navigation program is cruising.
Le Kobe 36