Construction de voilier pêche promenade sur Brest, Concarneau et toute la France

Ikone : a sailing fishing boat

Easy sailing...



Navigation program


  • Fishing boat

Coastal, up to 20 miles from the coast (navigation category C), easy beaching to discover coves inaccessible by land, ideal for rivers, to pick up friends...



  • More than a day boat

The Ikone, with two berths, a retractable toilet, exterior sink and stove offers comfort to sail farther and longer.



  • Family leisure

Swimming is easier with the opening on its stern, scuba diving, apnea, towing a buoy...




All the advantages of a transportable boat, without forgetting fishing...


  • The sail-engine compromise

With its experience in building boats and thanks to its mastery of many materials, the shipyard Espace Vag is the perfect partner for your custom boat project. 

With a self-supporting carbon mast storing the sail and a generous engine power (9.9 to 20 hp), the Ikone can adapt its navigation without constraint.

The sail rolls around the mast allowing a rapid and simple reduction to adapt your sail according to the navigation or the desired speed.

The outboard motor, hidden in a cocoon, is handled in the manner of an in-board engine, with a remote control and an electric start.

An asymmetrical spinnaker of 17 m2 can propel the Ikone easily to quickly gain the next stop.


  • No constraint

Designed to comply with the road gauge standards, the entire boat and trailer weighs less than one tonne after emptying the liquid ballast (located in the keel).

The cat boat rigging and an articulated trailer permit a launch in less than 15mn.


  • A convivial cockpit

With great seats, plenty of storage space, a stove and a kitchen sink, the cockpit is spacious and deep for all activities.

The generous size of the cockpit allows to fish comfortably enjoying the simplicity of the rig.


  • Unsinkable

Ikone is certified unsinkable thanks to many volumes of solid foam spread throughout the boat.


Specification sheet


Prototype model year  2001
Series manufacturing year  2002
Architect  Julien Marin
Number of units sold  90 at the end of 2012
Lenght  5, 98 m
Width  2, 50 m
Draft  0,40/1 m
Ballast  140 l
Sail area  17 m²
Spinnaker  17 m²
Self-supporting carbon mast  15 Kg
Engine power (max)  20 CV

Engine power (advisable)

 15 CV