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Ikone JS Rando : the transportable fun and sporty


Navigation program


  • A fun sailig boat

With its large hull, its twin rudders and sloop rigging, Ikone JS Rando allows high performance in peace.


For those who enjoy sensations, a spinnaker of 25 m2 can soar when sailing downwind with great ease.


  • Easier navigation

The deck layout of the Ikone JS was designed with a view to simplify the settings.


A generous sampling makes you navigate without constraints.

  • A life on board with peace of mind

A closed transom, wide seats and good sized coamings secure this large cockpit that can accommodate six people.
The relatively huge cabin makes a perfect refuge. This boat is perfect for nautical trek, makes you extend the call.

The drift is maneuvered using a winch and is held in low position by a security furling line.


  • Fast maintenance and handling

Glass-fiber/polyester construction reduces maintenance to a simple water jet.

On a trailer or with a simple trolley the Ikone JS is quickly out of the water with only two people.


A family sailboat





  • Pathways for the protection of the crew
  • A closed cockpit and wide coamings


Specification sheet


Prototype model year 2012
Architect Julien Marin
Length 5, 50 m
Width 2, 30 m
Draft 0,20/1,10 m
Ballast (cast iron centreboard) 120 Kg
Sail area 17,5 m²
Spinnaker area 25 m²
Engine power 6 CV