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Ikone J : a transportable for coastal sailing

For sailing free...



Navigation program


Ikone J : Un voilier transportable
  • Navigation

Coastal, up to 20 miles from the coast (navigation category C), easy beaching to discover coves inaccessible by land, ideal for rivers, to pick up friends ...


  • Leisure and pleasure

Ikone J inherited from his older brother (Ikone) a large cockpit (2.5 m long) and a light self-supporting carbon mast. Like a semi-rigid, 10 minutes are enough to launch it.


  • Day boat

This transportable sailboat is ideal for day trips.

With family, friends or solo, you enjoy a sail boat that sails up wind well and surf downwind.

With its cast iron ballast and two rudders, you enjoy a stable and sporty boat that lets you navigate where you want for beautiful trips.


All its qualities offer a wide program: day trips, raid, swimming, discovering the coastline…


All the advantages of a transportable boat


Ikone J : Un voilier transportable
  • Zero constraint

An adapted trailer and a self-supporting mast that stores the sail. Ikone J is ready to sail in less than ten minutes.

No adjustment constraint for the mast, the pleasure to sail is immediate.


  • Large cockpit

Two ergonomic seats sheltered under a folding hood will keep you dry whatever the weather.

Balconies, pathways, closed transom and important coamings secure a large cockpit that can accommodate six people.


  • Simplicity

Under sail, this cat boat will surprise you with its stability and its high performance without the constraint of complex settings: a single sail is reduced by rolling around the mast. The 17 m² asymmetrical spinnaker provides sensations easely.



Specification sheet


Prototype model year  2006
Series anufacturing year  2006
Architect  Julien Marin
Number of units sold  45 at the end of 2012
Length  5, 50 m
Width  2, 30 m
Draft  0,20/1,10 m
Ballast (cast iron centreboard)  120 Kg
Sail area  15 m²
Spinnaker  17 m²
Self-supporting carbon mast  15 Kg
Engine power (max)  6 CV