Construction and sale of sailboat, powerboat, fishing boat

Ikone J Rando for sailing where you want.....


The advantages of this sailing boat

  • Transportable on a trailer under 750 kg, it allows you without special driving licence change of bay as you like! 
  • Ikone J Rando have navigate Venice, Scotland, Italian lakes, Corsica....
  • With his rigging catboat with sail wrapped around her self supporting mast, the boat is ready to sail in less than 10 mn...
  • His particulary efficient and stable hull design allows you to safely sail over 10 knots !
  • Its spacious cabin welcome you for long weekends.
  • The Ikone J Rando is also sloop version : lkone JS Rando


Specification sheet


Prototype model year 2011
Architect Julien Marin
Number of units sold 15 enf of  2013
Length 5,50 m
Width 2,30 m
Draft 0,20/1,10 m
Ballast(cast iron centreboard) 120 kg
Sail area 15 m²
Spinnaker area 17 m²
Self supporting carbon mast 15 kg
Engine power 6 CV